Terms and Conditions for Participating in the surprize rewards programme

Valid from 1 May 2022

surprize is a rewards programme of Viseca Card Services SA (“Viseca”). surprize offers advantages for holders of payment cards that are eligible for participation (“participants”). By using an eligible payment card, participants can collect points (“surprize points”) and redeem them for rewards. Participants can also benefit from offers.

These Terms and Conditions govern participation in surprize.

1.Participation and registration

1.1Free and automatic participation

Private individuals who have a payment card that is eligible for participation (“holders”) participate in surprize automatically and free of charge. Viseca reserves the right to expand or restrict the eligibility to participate at any time.


Individuals who do not wish to participate in surprize must notify Viseca Customer Service in writing.

1.3Special provisions for holders of additional cards

The Terms and Conditions of Participation for holders of primary cards set out herein shall also apply mutatis mutandis to holders of additional cards unless the applicability of individual provisions is excluded below.

Holders of primary cards are obligated to inform holders of additional cards of the following Terms and Conditions of Participation in the rewards programme:

Holders of additional cards

  • participate in the rewards programme automatically if the holders of the primary card also participate in the rewards programme;
  • collect surprize points for the benefit of the holders of the primary card;
  • do not receive a separate surprize account;
  • cannot redeem any surprize points themselves;
  • acknowledge that their participation in the rewards programme will terminate automatically if the holders of the primary card cease to participate in the rewards programme;
  • cannot participate in surprize or terminate their participation independently of the holders of the primary card.


To use the full functionality of surprize, you must register on the one digital service (“one”) via the app or website. The personal account (“surprize account”) can also be viewed there. Participants will receive the personalised registration information for one from Viseca separately. Viseca’s Terms and Conditions of Use shall apply to the use of one.

2.Collecting surprize points

2.1Automatic collection

Participants automatically collect surprize points for every transaction made worldwide with an eligible payment card. However, no surprize points are credited for cash withdrawals or fees.

2.2Crediting of surprize points

The surprize points collected are credited to the participant’s personal surprize account at the earliest two working days after the date of the transaction.


The surprize points collected by participants are valid for three years. The period for calculating validity begins on 31 December of the relevant calendar year. The points expire automatically at the end of the validity period.

2.4Force majeure and technical problems

In case of force majeure or technical problems, Viseca may temporarily suspend the crediting of surprize points; retroactive crediting is not possible.

3.Account balance and account information

After registering on one, participants may view individual point transactions as well as a statement of their current surprize point balance. Points expiring in an ongoing calendar year shall be reported separately. A participant may object to any point transaction by submitting a written statement to Viseca within 30 days of the transaction date.

4.Redeeming surprize points

4.1Place of redemption

Participants may redeem their surprize points on one as soon as the points have been credited to their surprize account.


Rewards include, for example, voucher or products which participants can purchase on one. Offers include, for example, discounts or promotions that are offered to participants by suitable means.

4.3Purchasing rewards

Participants must conclude the agreement for the purchase of a reward directly with the corresponding surprize partner. Therefore, the terms and conditions of the relevant surprize partner shall apply. An up-to-date list of surprize partners can be viewed on one.

Viseca acts merely as an intermediary and is not a party to the agreement. If problems arise in contractual relationships between participants and surprize partners, or if participants incur losses, the participants must contact the surprize partner in question.

4.4Shipment of rewards/disclosure of address details for shipping purposes

surprize partners will ship rewards exclusively to delivery addresses in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Participants consent to Viseca providing the relevant surprize partner with their address details necessary for shipping the reward.

4.5Availability of rewards and offers

Rewards and offers are subject to time and quantity restrictions. Rewards/offers are therefore always subject to change.

4.6No conversion into cash value and no exchanges

The conversion of surprize points into a cash value and their disbursement or settlement are prohibited at all times. Redeemed surprize points may not be exchanged for surprize points or for another reward/offer.

4.7Subsequent forfeiture of surprize points/corrections

Viseca reserves the right to deduct surprize points already credited in justified cases, particularly in case of card abuse or erroneous debits.

5.Information on rewards and offers

The surprize rewards programme includes sending information to participants concerning rewards and offers as well as on the rewards programme itself. This information is sent in electronic or physical form. Participants may revoke their consent to the provision of information at any time by sending a written statement to Viseca.

6.Consent to electronic communication

6.1Electronic communication

By registering on one, participants agree that Viseca may use their registered email address to contact them for purposes of conducting business correspondence and communicating with them in a legally valid manner.

6.2Notification of changes/termination of surprize

Participants agree that the rewards programme and/or the Terms and Conditions of Participation may be adjusted over time. Furthermore, surprize may be discontinued subject to three months' notice. Participants shall be informed in advance in an appropriate manner and in a legally valid manner (in writing or electronically, e.g. via email or one) of any relevant changes. The Terms and Conditions of Participation currently in force can be viewed via one.

7.Data protection

7.1Responsible body

Viseca Card Services SA is responsible for the processing of personal data.

7.2Processing of personal data

The handling of personal data in connection with participation in the rewards programme is explained in the General Privacy Policy, which may be accessed at https://www.viseca.ch/en/data-protection/viseca. It may also be requested from Viseca in writing or by telephone.

8.Risks and losses

8.1Participation in, changes to or termination of surprize

Participants shall bear the risk of any losses resulting from their participation in the rewards programme or from any changes to or the termination of the same or of one. Except as required by law, Viseca shall not be liable for any such losses.

8.2Information about rewards and offers

Viseca and the surprize partners shall exercise due care in verifying the accuracy of advertisements, information, product descriptions and specifications, including illustrations, notices, etc. concerning rewards and offers. However, Viseca shall not be liable for losses relating to the accuracy, completeness, currentness, etc. of this information. This also applies to information accessed via web links.

8.3Use of one

one can be accessed via the Internet. Viseca cannot guarantee that access to one and the purchase of rewards or the use of offers is possible at any time or without interruption.

9.Termination and applicable law

9.1Notice of termination

Participants may terminate their participation in the rewards programme at any time by giving written notice to Viseca without complying with a notice period. Upon termination of the contractual relationship with Viseca, participation in surprize is also automatically terminated.

9.2Access to surprize account via one

The participant's surprize account will remain in place for three months after termination of participation in the rewards programme. During these three months, surprize points may continue to be redeemed for rewards. Thereafter, the surprize points shall expire automatically.


Viseca may transfer this contractual relationship or individual rights or obligations arising therefrom to third parties in Switzerland and abroad at any time and may, to the extent necessary, make the data relating to the contractual relationship (including the disclosure of any banking relationships) available to such third parties.

9.4Exclusion in the event of misuse and breach of contract

In case of misuse or a breach of these provisions, Viseca reserves the right to exclude participants from participation in the rewards programme. In this case, any point credits of such participants shall be forfeited.

9.5Applicable law

The legal relationship between the participants and Viseca shall be governed by Swiss law. The place of performance, place of jurisdiction and place of debt collection for participants resident abroad shall be Zurich.

Version May 2022

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